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Mission and Educational Goals

Program Objectives

Students will be able to :

- Develop hands on skills in Culinary arts with specializing

in Chinese cookery by learning a variety of different

cooking styles and applying the essential foundation

skills found in Chinese cuisine.

- Prepare students for employment by developing

hospitality management skills in a variety of different

ways including team leadership,problem solving skills,

strategic,administrative and marketing concepts and

effective time management for positions in Hotels and

F&B organizations.

- Demonstrate fluent and practical use of English in a

culinary context that will allow you to carry out your

working functions with English speaking countries or


- Identify ways to effectively handle different ingredients

and food resources,to design and produce menus

to meet the highest quality standards for customer/

business requirements and market trends.

Program Unique Characteristics

- Leading Industry partnerships for internship placements

Students can obtain practical experience in a one- year

paid intership in Taiwan or internationally.

*Some partners including but not limited to Shangri-La

hotel;Four Seasons hotel;Din Tai Fung.

- International guest chefs and visiting faculty.

- Meet Friends from other Countries and cultivate the

cultural awareness and sensitivity.

- Multifunctional demonstration classrooms.Students can

Observe and learn from the on-site demonstrations by

Instructor/chef in a small class environment.Then have

Hands on guided training in our professional,modern

Training facilities.

- Encourage students to participate in international culinary

Competitions to enhance their competitiveness.

- Study abroad program .Exchange programs with sister

Universities abroad,and overseas intership opportunities

offered by renowned hospitality enterprises.

- NKUHT offers career fairs.Students have the opportunity

to interact with industry professionals in assisting with

future job matching.

- Alumni network and recruitment.
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